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A visit to Grays in the heart of Pimlico is not to be missed.
Heather Angel

Acknowledgements in Books

"All the photography was done using a Nikon D800 DSLR together with my trusty old AF Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D lens, both supplied by Grays of Westminster who have always been available for help and advice on what item to purchase, or for superb after sales service."

Dinky Toys - A Pictorial Record by David J Busfield

Grays of Westminster - Revered Nikon-only London dealer

Nikon DSLR System The Expanded Guide by Jon Sparks publisher Ammonite Press

Grays of Westminster, founded by Gray Levett in 1989, this London shop has probably done more to promote Nikon culture than any other organization. Indeed, if truth be told, it was a visit to Grays that originally inspired the author to write this book (Nikon A Celebration). The admiration of the product was always there, but depth of brand appreciation grew within a minute of opening the door

Nikon A Celebration by Brian Long (Revised and Updated) 2011. Published by Crowood Press Ltd

Grays of Westminster: Revered Nikon-only London dealer

Nikon D300 by Jon Sparks AE Publications

"I'd like to thank my favourite camera shops... Grays of Westminster in London, for their support during this project."

35mm Cameras by Brian Long, The Crowood Press Limited, 2007

'I extremely grateful to the following: Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster.'

Faces of Exploration Encounters with 50 Extraordinary Pioneers by Joanna Vestey - Foreword by Dame Ellen MacArthur
Published by Andre Deutsch

'To those who have helped with this book ...for encouragement and help: Gray Levett.'

Holding On - A Story of Love and Survival by Jo Gambi
Published by Portrait an imprint of Piatkus Books Ltd

"While it is the author's name that appears on the cover of the book and, therefore it is he who takes the plaudits, no book would be possible without the combined efforts of the supporting team. I would like to thank Gray Levett at Grays of Westminster."

The Pip Expanded Guide to the Nikon D70 by Chris Weston (Photographers Institute Press)

"My thanks are due to the following people who have helped make this first edition a reality, against all odds":

Gray Levett, Grays of Westminster

Nigel Dicker, 'The Old Covent Garden Market'
Forward by Michael Palin
published by The Covent Garden Picture Company

"To Nikon for making the most incredible cameras, and to Gray of Grays of Westminster for his continued enthusiastic support."

Shooting Stars by Richard Young, published by Metro Publishing Ltd June 2004
(Richard Young is one of the most important photographers of the 20th Century - Lord Snowdon)

"While it is the author's name that appears on the cover of the book and, therefore it is he who takes the plaudits, no book would be possible without the combined efforts of the supporting team. I would like to thank Gray Levett at Grays of Westminster."

The Pip Expanded Guide to the Nikon F5 by Chris Weston (Photographers Institute Press)

"In particular I wish to acknowledge the following for their assistance. At Grays of Westminster, the exclusively Nikon dealer, to my very dear friends Gray Levett, Nick Wynne, and Uri Zakay, I would like to express my deep gratitude for your unstinting support, encouragement, and providing unique access to so many treasures."

Simon Stafford. Nikon Compendium - Nikon System from 1917, Hove Books

"My thanks to the following for their help in compiling this book and the film of the same title: Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster."

Simon Marsden 'The Twilight Hour - Celtic Visions from the Past' Little Brown 2003

'My special thanks go to Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster'.

Susie Wynne 'Draw & Paint Your Pet' Collins Books

"For my equipment surviving the gruelling toils of the bush on endless trips my thanks go to Gray Levett at Grays of Westminster and Nikon for such brilliant kit."

Safari Dreaming - An African Experience in the South Luangwa Valley, Zambia by Paul Joynson-Hicks
ISBN 9987 - 8934 -1 -1 Blue Mango Publishing 2002


"To my great friend Gray - sorry I lost my Nikon camera to the Taliban" - Yvonne

Yvonne Ridley, In the Hands Of The Taliban - Her Extraordinary Story

"The author would like to thank the following people for their help in the production of this book:

Gray Levett of Pimlico, London for his writing and advice.".

Nikon Camera Collectors Handbook Volume 2

"For Gray - the Maker of Legends"

Many thanks also to Gray Levett from Grays of Westminster.

An inscription and acknowledgement in Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse - An Underwater Photography Adventure by Constantinos Petrinos.

Technical Assistance
Gray Levett
Grays of Westminster

The Nikon Handbook - A Complete Guide to Cameras, Lenses & Accessories by Peter Braczko

"I also must say thanks to Gray Levett at Grays of Westminster, the ultimate Nikon shop, for all his friendly advice and help and supply of my kit."

Tanzania - Portrait of a Nation by Paul-Joynson-Hicks

"The premier Nikon dealer in the United Kingdom - Grays of Westminster

Grays of Westminster has an atmosphere quite unlike any other camera shop one is likely to have encountered. Once inside a customer soon gets the distinct impression that the journey to the London district of Pimlico nearby to Victoria Railway Station in central London has been most definitely worthwhile."

Nikon Handbook of Advertising compiled and edited by Terence Sheehy

"Perhaps the best recreation of an olde worlde charm is exuded from within the portals of Grays of Westminster, the Nikon specialists in London. I hope they will forgive my comment that a great air of permanence pervades the whole experience of visiting their premises.

Long may this type of dealer prosper and influence the pattern of others in business."

Collecting Camera Memories by Adrian Warwick

"Dealers exclusively in Nikon, Grays can offer excellent advice on the most obscure Nikon topics."

Collecting and Using Classic SLRs by Ivor Matanle

"The authors would like to express their sincere gratitude to the following people for their help in supplying the cameras, manuals and technical information needed to make this project successful: Grays of Westminster".

Japanese 35mm SLR Cameras - A Comprehensive Data Guide by Bill Hansen & Michael Dierdorff

"...the superb service provided, as always by the specialist Nikon dealers, Grays of Westminster, for understanding our special needs. [...they] remained calm in the face of very tight deadlines."

The Face - Six Great Climbing Adventures (from the BBC television Series) by Bill Hansen & Michael Dierdorff

"Finally, thanks are also due to Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster, Exclusively...Nikon, London... for sharing their technical expertise."

The Nikon Field Guide: A Photographer's Portable Reference by Thom Hogan