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A visit to Grays in the heart of Pimlico is not to be missed.
Heather Angel

What The press say

"If you decide to buy via a camera specialist, our advice is to stick with one of the reputable firms. This includes companies such as Grays of Westminster (Nikon only)."

What Digital Camera, December 2015

"Grays of Westminster is an institution unto itself in the photographic industry and an Aladdin's Cave of Nikon heritage. It's a store brimming with rare, unusual and historic kit that will make any photographer as giddy as a schoolgirl."

Grays Anatomy - Digital SLR Photography, July 2014

Grays of Westminster

If you're a die-hard Nikon loyalist then Grays of Westminster is THE best place to find high-quality second-hand cameras that hold the very name. Award-winning in their field they have an unrivalled range of stock with used cameras coming with a year's guarantee, and also buy in second-hand cameras if you think that your unwanted kit could become wanted again. www.graysofwestminster.co.uk

Photography Monthly magazine, February 2014

"The attention to service for which Grays of Westminster is noted - unobtrusive but meticulous and delivered with warmth and style - is delightfully personal and very British. It is a real Aladdin's cave."

SOLD! Grays of Westminster customer takes home first Nikon Df
Pixel magazine, 2nd December 2013 issue no. 908

When it comes to working with the stars, Grays of Westminster's long-standing relationship with icon Stanley Kubrick is well-known - often being the source of advice and equipment for his films like Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise, but ultimately Grays is the epitome of discretion.

DSLR magazine, May 2013

Grays of Westminster should be the first port of call for any Nikon user. Located on a leafy street in London, the shop's rich mahogany cabinets are stuffed full of Nikon products. The owner, Gray Levett, has been running the store for more than 25 years, building a legendary reputation for customer service.

Black & White Photography magazine, April 2013

Dealing with independent retailers such as Grays of Westminster is a good way to buy top quality second-hand goods. But pro-spec bodies in particular do not stay on the shelves for long, so you need to be quick.

Professional Photographer magazine - Second-hand setup. Wedding photography by Tracy Hallett

Grays of Westminster - Revered Nikon-only London dealer

Nikon DSLR System The Expanded Guide by Jon Sparks publisher Ammonite Press

You only have to look at the consistently high standard of Gray Levett at Grays of Westminster to see how a consistent specialist and authoritative approach to camera retail can work. He's created a destination retail experience that people will travel to.

The Insider, Pixel magazine. 27th March 2012

Q: I enjoyed Richard Sibley's article on pancake lenses (AP 26 March), but was curious about the Nikkor 45mm f/2.8P lens that featured in the piece. Despite being a manual lens, it has electronic contacts so that aperture information can be communicated with the camera. Are there any other Nikon manual-focus lenses that also have electronic contacts so they can be used with automatic exposure modes on modern DSLR camera? Neil Winters

A: I spoke to Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster www.graysofwestminster.co.uk , who kindly lent us the 45mm f/2.8P lens featured in the article. He told me 'Nikon had a 500mm f/4P Nikkor IF-ED optic in its manual lens range, and produced, to special order, the 1200-1700mm f/5.6-8P Nikkor IF-ED which was the Godzilla of all manual-focus Nikon lenses. We had one here briefly and, if I remember it correctly, it cost £53,000. Its specification is: focal length 1200-1700mm, aperture f/.5.6-f/8, lens construction 18 elements in 13 groups (3 x EDs), weight 16kg, dimensions 237mm diameter x 880mm long (overall), filters 52mm drop-in. It was designed to cover an American baseball field, or baseball diamond as it is sometimes known. Richard Sibley

Your questions answered Ask AP (Amateur Photographer magazine Saturday 16th April 2011)

"Where to Buy

When buying more exotic cameras, it pays to go through a reputable specialist. This is Grays of Westminster, the famous Nikon dealer in London - a perfect example of what a top class camera shop should be, run by enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff."

35mm Cameras by Brian Long, Crowood Collectors' Series. Published by Crowood Press

"Often regarded as the kings of good service, owning in no small part to their knowledgeable and passionate staff, as well as the ability to add that personal touch sometimes lacking from the chain stores.

Grays of Westminster - Arguably the best specialist Nikon retailer in the land."

What Digital Camera magazine, March 2011. Good Service Awards 2011.

"If you've never been to Grays of Westminster, I'd urge you to visit. Grays of Westminster is a true retailing phenomenon"

Business Spotlight. The Secrets of Success at Grays of Westminster - BPI Visits one of the UK's most unique photographic retailers. Roger Payne Editor BPI - The Magazine for the British Photographic Industry.

"Grays of Westminster is the Nikon and photographic resource of the western world. It is the largest Nikon dealer in Europe. I am telling it straight - You have the most complete collection of Nikons and quantity of gear in the world and I have never seen a $25,000 Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens with a 220° view before walking into this shop! I now want to shoot with it! I don't recall a friendlier staff or warmer welcome in any camera store in my entire life!"

Michael Doven photographer, Los Angeles, California www.michaeldoven.com
An interview with Michael Doven, Photography's Next "Rock Star", Nikon Owner magazine

Grays of Westminster - An exemplary standard of customer service, and a used equipment list that will make Nikon owners giddy! The store's owners regularly bring in used stock from Japan, too.

In Focus Lead Story: The second coming of second-hand kit - Digital Photographer magazine issue 91

The High Church of Nikon

In appreciation of their spectacular year-end sales figures, Grays of Westminster, the exclusively Nikon dealer, have been presented with the highly prestigious Nikon 50th Anniversary Trophy.

Their recent year-end sales of Nikon cameras is their highest ever since the company was established in 1985 despite the credit crunch and world economic crisis.

Professional Photographer News & Reviews

"Complete with a 12-month guarantee and the famous Grays of Westminster quality of service, which is, quite frankly, second to none."

Something old, something new by Ian Farrell Editor Professional Photographer magazine January 2008

"Our nation of shopkeepers is predicated on a drive for retail perfection. There are still retailers with a London Best reputation, such as Holland & Holland, which makes shotguns of such perfection and provides a service so sublime that the whole package is impossible to improve upon. You don't need to have been in business for five generations to deliver up such service. Take Grays of Westminster, for example; a retailer specialising in nothing but Nikon cameras with a reputation stretching around the world. Grays has made a niche of a niche market entirely its own.

This shows that if you can deliver service sans pareil* your customers will remain loyal and your business will grow."

Alan Sircom
Editor, Home Cinema Digest –The AV Industry Journal
Definition: *Sans Pareil: without equal

The fabled Nikon shop Grays of Westminster...

We hear that the roll call of customers reads like Debretts although this is highly confidential and they pride themselves on their discretion.

Grays of Westminster is seen as the leading and to many Nikon camera owners, the only authoritative source in the world. Earwig can confirm that itoffers the service of which legends are made.

The Business Age. The Earwig page

Grays of Westminster Exclusively...Nikon
In the Company of Legends

by Gillian Greenwood

"If you're a Nikon fan and you live within reach of London, or you've tracked down an obscure Nikon accessory by mail order, you're probably familiar with Grays of Westminster, the well-known shop that since 1992 has dealt exclusively in Nikon equipment in an age when most shops are part of the big chains, this is not just another camera store. A new book looks into its history, from the early beginnings when the two founders had no stock and very limited funds. To garner trade the placed advertisements in AP's classified section and originally worked from one cramped room. It was only in 1989 that they moved to the current premises in Churton Street, SW1, a dilapidated building formerly known as Whites Barbers. The totally revamped shop now has its own special ambience, the appeal of which is referred to by AP's editor, Garry Coward-Williams, who appears in the book along with other well-known names from the world of photography who had cause to enter Grays at some stage.

Chapters meander from the history of Nikon cameras to biographies of Gray Levett and Nick Wynne, the founders, and the establishment of the Nikon Owners' Club. There are interesting snippets of information about the shop. When it opened, for instance, the new phone system had not arrived and so the partners were forced to use the telephones they had inherited from the barber's - black Bakelite antiques dating from the 1920s. Although given the shop's plush surroundings and decor, perhaps this was not inappropriate."

Sarah Jackson
Viewfinder Our weekly round-up of the best books
Amateur Photographer magazine

Grays of Westminster - A Nikon only shop offering new and used equipment, Nikon workshops, experts, and advice.


"Question: I have been given a Nikon F camera and have recently seen a Nikon F2 Photomic head for sale in a list of second-hand equipment. Is it compatible with my Nikon F body?

Jamie Williamson, Warwickshire

Answer: I contacted Nikon expert Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster about this question and he told me that the F2 Photomic head is not compatible with the F body. There were a number of different metered viewfinders known as Photomic made for use with the F body - the F Photomic, F Photomic T, F Photomic Tn, and the F Photomic FTn. Any of these would be suitable for your F body, but unfortunately not the F2 head."

Angela Nicholson

AP Answers, Amateur Photographer magazine

The Ten Best Cameras

The acclaimed film director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas, Internal Affairs, Cold Creek Manor etc.) reveals his most successful photographic purchases:

Nikon D1X
Nikon F3/T
Nikkormat FT3

Grays of Westminster 020-7828 4925 www.graysofwestminster.co.uk

The Independent. Review December 2003

Question: I have a Nikon F2AS with DS-12 EE aperture control unit and DN-1 battery. The battery has died, but I can't find a replacement. Can you help?
Richard Birkett, Essex

Answer: Despair not, Richard. The inestimably comprehensive Grays of Westminster (tel: 020-7828 4925) stocks the DN-1 priced at approximately £15, not including p&p.
Joël Lacey

Finding the Power. The Help Team, Amateur Photographer magazine

Our technical experts, Simon Stafford of Nikon Owner magazine and Gray Levett, founder of the world-famous Nikon shop Grays of Westminster, said they were stunned by the quality of the entries. 'A good photograph is one that gets across its message and communicates an emotion, atmosphere or a feeling said.' says Gray. When you look through the viewfinder, you have to ask yourself, "What does this picture say?" It's a basic rule that too many amateurs forget to follow, because they are in such a hurry to take the picture.'

Photo Finish Daily Mail Weekend magazine

Weekend's distinguished panel of judges are all keen photographers. They were headed by Sarah, Duchess of York. Lord Lichfield was the leading professional on our panel. Tim Graham, is Britain's leading royal photographer. Simon Stafford, technical editor, of the Nikon Owner magazine, who is also a respected wildlife and landscape photographer; artist and photographer Christiane Kubrick, widow of the film director Stanley Kubrick; portrait photographer Ken Hartenstein Saatchi and Gray Levett, founder of the Nikon camera shop Grays of Westminster.

What the judges said... Daily Mail Weekend magazine

Colourful Grays

"Prestigious Nikon dealership Grays of Westminster...The website, designed by specialist web production company Amazing Internet has been carefully designed to cleverly reflect the polished-brass, mahogany-panelled and leather-upholstered interior that Grays of Westminster customers know and love."

Panorama magazine

Cameras from this Century

"We asked several personalities from the U.K. photo industry to chose three cameras taken from those made over the last 99 years that in their opinion, made the greatest contribution to photography.

David Bailey's choice: the Rolleiflex TLR (Twin lens Reflex), the 35mm SLR (Single lens Reflex) and the original Olympus Trip.

Gray Levett proprietor of the Nikon shop, Grays of Westminster in Pimlico, London chose the Nikon F, the Polaroid land camera and the Brownie 620 Box.

Pixel magazine December 6th 1999

The Grays of Westminster Gazette. This is an invaluable guide to Nikon cameras, equipment and photographic technique from the staff at the world famous Grays of Westminster shop in London.

Demon Dispatches magazine

"Grays of Westminster, leading Nikon camera dealer."

East Grinstead Courier, August 29th 2002

"All my equipment comes from Grays of Westminster as I love shopping there and my fear of ghosts is only slightly less than my fear of shopping for equipment elsewhere." Simon Marsden

Two Tales of One City.
Joël Lacey immerses himself in Simon Marden's haunting images of Venice.
Visions of Venice: Amateur Photographer magazine

"The Duchess of York launches our fabulous new photo competition

How to make Your Photographs a Winner

Before you begin, spend a little time learning to get the best out of your camera. With the help of Gray Levett, founder of the world-famous Nikon camera shop, Grays of Westminster, and Simon Stafford, technical editor of 'Nikon Owner' magazine, we have compiled a beginners guide to photography."

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine

"In celebrity and high profile professional photographers circles some of you may be aware of a very upmarket camera store called Grays of Westminster which is a charming period store specialising exclusively in Nikon products.

This is not your typical camera store, it has a comfortable atmosphere with an old world style, with comfy leather chairs for customers to relax in as they receive professional demonstrations on various pieces of kit.

Grays have a huge list of famous customers from all walks of life and from all over the world including Lord Snowdon."

Snappy Snaps labs newsletter

"Grays of Westminster is a unique space created by an English gentleman who loves Nikon.

"'I wanted to create a unique shop. So many shops all look the same these days.' says co-founder Gray Levett. Grays of Westminster is located in Pimlico, near Victoria Station, London and deals with new, second-hand and vintage Nikon only. The decorations of the shop makes one feel you are in one of the high quality gentlemen's tailors in Savile Row."

Sakamoto Miyuki, Esquire magazine, Japan

Grays of Westminster's clients read like a veritable Who's Who - the A-list of today's movers and shakers - movie and rock stars, writers, famous photographers, politicians, company executives and royalty rely on Grays of Westminster for their photographic needs.

Celebrity magazine

"I am indebted to Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster for the loan of an early Nikon F, a copy of David Douglas Duncan's book This is War! and his considerable knowledge of Nikon cameras."

Garry Coward-Williams, Editor Amateur Photographer magazine

"Prestigious Nikon dealership Grays of Westminster has just launched its new website at www.graysofwestminster.co.uk. The site, designed by specialist web production company Amazing Internet, has been carefully designed to cleverly reflect the polished-brass, mahogany panelled and leather-upholstered interior that Grays of Westminster customers know and love."

Colourful Grays. Panorama - News for the professional imaging industry

Stepping into specialist Nikon-retailer Grays of Westminster is like going back in time. Nestled in a side street in Pimlico, the small shop is a world away from bustling high streets and Spartan shopping centres. It is all dark wooden finish and old-fashioned professionalism. Gray Levett, the eponymous owner, sits behind a classic room-size desk, presiding over his fiefdom. It’s definitely not the sort of place you’d expect to encounter an example of the Internet revolution.

Last November, Levett created the Nikon Owners’ Club, in a part to extend the reach of his Pimlico-based store to other aficionados of the brand. Members receive a host of discounts and a quarterly publication, Nikon Owner the second issue of which features Nikon-fan the Duchess of York.

Revolution magazine - Trailblazers

"Grays of Westminster have carved a niche unique to themselves...a shop selling only one brand became a world-famous success."

Grays Matter. BPI The Business of Photography & Imaging magazine

"Grays' specialty is Nikon equipment from the earliest rangefinder models all the way up to the F5. New and high quality second-hand Nikons are on sale here. Most of the second-hand gear has been amateur owned, so there's a good chance of finding mint or near mint camera equipment that hasn’t suffered the rigours of professional life. All of the equipment comes with a twelve-month guarantee such is the company’s confidence in the standard of its used gear that there is a 15-day money-back approval scheme on these items.

The buyer who is after Nikon ephemera is more likely to find that obscure object of desire here than in any other camera shop. With such a reputation it's not surprising that collectors as a well as ordinary customers fill the shop. However, service is polite and there’s none of the sales pressure found in other shops."

David Kaye - British Journal of Photography

"Grays of Westminster have established a formidable reputation as an exclusive Nikon dealer, selling new, used and classic models from the famous marque. Step inside the world famous Georgian fronted shop, with it's leather, brass and wood furnishings, and you enter a world of bespoke service unrivalled in the photo industry.

No high-pressure sales techniques here - you can browse freely around the many displays. A visit to the celebrated Nippon Kogaku Room, which looks back at the early days of Nikon equipment, is a must for all photographic enthusiasts".

Trevor Smith, Buying Cameras magazine

"The kind of service of which legends are made...Grays of Westminster"

The Secret of Success - Amateur Photographer magazine

"Grays of Westminster where mint is also a highly prized English adjective."

Professional Photographer magazine

"...(they) often have very rare equipment in absolutely first rate condition...if you are a serious collector...there are no better places to shop."

Roger Hicks
Buying Equipment in Britain and France - Shutterbug magazine. USA

"Grays of Westminster have the unique distinction of being the only company ever to have won all three Dealer of the Year awards voted by the readers of Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography and Buying Cameras magazines

Grays of Westminster have become justly famous world-wide for their legendary level of service.

Due to their fast mail order service photographers all over the world consider them their local Nikon dealer!"

The Best of LONDON ...A fascinating and informative guide to a selection of the finest shops in the capital city.

"A stylish informality that is particularly English."

Behind the Counter - Buying Cameras magazine

"This high quality catalogue is produced by the exclusively Nikon dealer as a reference for customers, but it also forms part of a rapidly expanding reference work on the Nikon system.

[It] also contains articles written by Grays of Westminster's own highly knowledgeable staff."

Summer with Nikon - Buying Cameras magazine

"The respected Nikon oriented company, Grays of Westminster."

Photographica World - The Journal of the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain

"My next subject was the Nikon-built (50mm f/1.4) Nikkor-SC Auto. I quote the title in full because unlike my first subject (Leicas) I have no exact knowledge. However, as the TV advert said 'I know a man who does.' This is Mr. Gray Levett of the specialist Nikon dealer, Grays of Westminster. On hearing the description plus its serial number he said, instantly, 'April 1972.' A man of few, but effective words."

Dr. Stewart Bell
How Good are Old lenses? Lens Supplement - Amateur Photographer magazine

Quintessential Nikon dealers, Grays of Westminster" Nikon Marketing News, Tokyo, Japan

"Their period shop, situated in a quiet street close to London's Victoria Station, is unlike any other photographic retailer I have previously encountered.

Hardly a camera to be seen in the window, but walk inside to the attractively furnished interior, and there is the largest stock of new and second-hand Nikon cameras and accessories that one is ever likely to find in one place."

Opportunity Knocks by Stan Conners - Pixel magazine

"Grays of Westminster...all in all, a Nikon user's paradise."

Buying cameras magazine

"Grays of Westminster have become renowned worldwide for the quality of their used equipment."

The Best of London Guide