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A visit to Grays in the heart of Pimlico is not to be missed.
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Grays of Westminster. The most prestigious Nikon store in the world, famous for its old world atmosphere and legendary customer service.

Georgianna Lane Photography. georgiannalane.com

The Complete Nikon System: An Illustrated Equipment Guide by Peter Braczko

"Gray Levett from London did a remarkable job proofing it for Peter (Braczko) and it's one of the most accurate books on Nikon collecting and trading that you'll ever find today."

*****  Amazon.com

"Grays of Westminster - Becoming the home of Nikon photography in the UK. If in particular your looking for historical Nikon then Grays your place."

Pilco Photography

"Grays of Westminster legendary London Nikon dealer."


"Grays of Westminster - Legendary Nikon-only store in the UK."

www.eclectyx.com Tim & Yi Peng

"Gray Levett, of Grays of Westminster, has been involved in a British based Nikon Owner magazine, and his usual unparalleled standards are visible in its style and visual quality."

Total Four Video

"Grays of Westminster the place to go for all your Nikon kit."


"Grays of Westminster, exclusively Nikon The world's only Nikon only store. A good second-hand selection and faultless customer service."


'Grays of Westminster. This is just an ode to absolutely the best photographic goods retailer I have dealt with. They are gentlemen of the old school and treat customers as they should be treated. I personally have had to resort to their two year guarantee which they have honoured even though I am not a British resident. They replaced the defective piece of equipment and gave me a fresh new year guarantee, all without batting an eyelid.

They are definitely one place where I would not hesitate to spend my money again. I have already made a mental resolve to buy my next digital body from them. Unfortunately the difference in prices between Britain and the USA is such that the price is approximately 20-30% more expensive from the U.K. I am sure however that the service this shop offers more than offsets the difference in price, not to mention the two year guarantee. I have no commission from these people so this is just my honest opinion.'

Reuben Demanuele The Image Barrel, Malta

Grays of Westminster ... exclusively Nikon. Award-winning central London specialist Nikon retailer. If you love your Nikon you’ll love their website. If in London their shop is a must do.


Photographic shop

For camera & photographic enthusiasts, Grays of Westminster is a fascinating shop tucked away in Pimlico. As the largest European stockist of Nikon, there's lots of really interesting photographic literature and vintage cameras as well as the best and latest in the world of photography. The staff are highly knowledgeable and helpful too. See Gray Levett.

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Grays of Westminster near Victoria Station is a MUST for Nikonites. Feels more like a Saville Row gentleman's tailors than a camera shop but a wonderful place for the enthusiast. Check out their typically elegant website: www.graysofwestminster.co.uk


Grays of Westminster - In The Company of Legends by Gillian Greenwood published by Hove Books 2004

A history of the probably most famous Nikon dealer in Europe, besides in addition, insights into the history of Nikon.

Peter Lausch

We use only Nikon cameras, and we highly recommend Grays, a quality supplier. They have a world class reputation combining market competitive pricing with unrivalled quality of service.

Lawson White Photography

I would fully recommend Grays Of Westminster who are based in Pimlico, London and are exclusively Nikon. They are the most helpful shop you will probably ever find and know just about all there is to know about Nikon.

Ben Rector

Grays of Westminster: A U.K. Heaven for Nikon Fans

Nature Photography Links

Grays of Westminster - Exclusively...Nikon - to suit every day use or the professional user.

Ager-Harris Photography

Grays of Westminster (London, U.K.), a great "Nikon-only" store in London.


Bucking the trend

It's official: film does have a future. Most thought the Nikon F6 would never see the light of day, but its surprise announcement represents the most tangible riposte yet to the digital doomsayers.

Given that the last three introductions to the F-range had all arrived in eight-year cycles, it should not have come as such a surprise. Indeed, on the announcement of the F5 an editorial in BP, 26 June 1996 predicted as much: 'When the F4 came along (in 1988), the digital camera lobby archly suggested it might be the last film F. Clearly not - and watch out around 2004 for the next one too.'

How the climate has changed since then. While most professionals loyal to the system saw the last introduction as a must-have, many will have since traded their precious F5s for a digital. Surely they will now view the F6 as an expensive curiosity?

Not so, says Nikon - although the company provided no statistics at the briefing regarding the number photographers still using film. Nor would it reveal who many units it expects to sell or even how many will be available in the UK. A spokesperson told BJP: 'The camera will be bought by professionals who are committed to film, and as a back-up body and by a large range of enthusiasts and collectors'.

Gray Levett of premier Nikon dealer Grays of Westminster (and who also runs the Nikon Owner magazine) concurs, saying there is still a buoyant market for mint condition second-hand film cameras and claiming he has been 'inundated' with orders already.

There is another reason the F6 may find a ready market, and it's the same one put forward by those still buying into medium format rather than the digital SLR alternatives. While few will still be using the D2x in another eight years' time, the F6 will still be going strong, and it will still be using a technology with a proven reputation for the highest quality - film. Watch this space for news of the F7 in 2012.

Simon Bainbridge, Editor BJP British Journal of Photography
22 September 2004

"The multi award-winning Grays of Westminster shop specialises exclusively in the Nikon system. Renowned for its stylish informality and friendly old fashion service it is the epitome of the classical English shop."

Benenden Information Services is a premier freelance photographic agency.

'The only place to buy your Nikon. Really.'

Tim Barraclough Photography website

Grays of Westminster : First Rate London Nikon Dealer

As many of the Nikon users may already know, Grays of Westminster is a great place to shop for both new and used Nikon gear. They deal exclusively in Nikon,-unique in the entire world. If you're ever in London (near Pimlico Station) you need to visit them at 40 Churton Street.

While browsing their operation, I had Gray Levett (owner) prepare a written appraisal for me for my insurance company on a rare lens, I bought a very nice English Billingham gadget bag, and then consulted with Gray upon where to get quick service for a Nikon F5. That led me to Fixation,- another wonderful story in itself. Many thanks to people like Gray Levett for keeping integrity and ethics in business. While they are not inexpensive, they are not cheap and I'd rather deal with an honest person anytime to spare myself grief down the road. Thanks, Gray!

-- Dan Lindsay, September 30, 2000


Grays are THE Nikon dealer in the UK. I was looking for an F4S body to supplement my F100 and after searching around for a decent body decided to obtain one from Grays, They will not take in any body, or indeed any equipment in part exchange that has obvious signs of hard use, i.e.. brass showing through on bodies etc., While you pay a small increase in the price, you are guaranteed to have something well worth buying and they give a full one-year warranty on second-hand and if buying in the UK 5 free films (at the time of writing) They also run a very good international Nikon Club (Nikon owners' Club) via the internet: www.nikonownermagazine.com

-- Eddy Wood, October 19, 2002


"...the world famous Grays of Westminster, exclusively Nikon..."

Collectiques Directory website

"...great place for getting all your Nikon products, tell Gray Paul sent you!"

Blue Mango Photography photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks' website

"Nestled in the village-like streets of Pimlico in central London, Grays specializes exclusively in Nikon and ships worldwide by mail order. The shop is a veritable museum dedicated to "the most acclaimed 35mm camera system" ever made. Sales of new, used, and collectible Nikon cameras, lenses, and accessories. Current and past articles from 'Grays of Westminster Gazette', a treasure trove of information."

Ace Index website

"The multi award-winning Grays of Westminster shop specialises exclusively in the Nikon system. Renown for its stylish informality and friendly old fashion service it is the epitome of the classical English shop."

Simon Stafford Photographer website

"For Nikon-fetishists, Grays of Westminster are every bit as good as they look. Tiny shop but usually a very good range of stock and incredibly knowledgeable."

Photo Net

"Grays of Westminster, London, England. Just about my favourite shop in the world."

Nicholas Fairbank website

Grays of Westminster, Exclusively Nikon The worlds only Nikon-only store.

Faultless customer service.

Jason Elsworthy Photography website

Grays of Westminster - Legendary Nikon-only store in the UK

Photography@eclectyx website

Grays of Westminster has established a formidable reputation as an exclusive Nikon dealer, selling new, second-hand and classic models. Step inside the Georgian fronted shop and you are transported back to a more elegant age with the shop's leather, brass and wood furnishings.

In fact 'shop' is not quite the right word. The emphasis is on comfort. There are no counters, just leather-topped desks and comfy chairs. Oh and fresh coffee if you desire...

ROBOLINK Northern Ireland's Definitive Search Engine

Grays of Westminster. The Nikon enthusiast's paradise in London

Eagle Imagery photographics website

Grays of Westminster. World famous Nikon camera specialists.

Style Gallery website