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Official News Release from Fujifilm Professional

Release Date: 11 March 2010

Fujifilm announces streamlining of film range

Fujifilm Professional has announced the withdrawal of three of its films. The affected products are Neopan 400 120, Superia Reala 35mm, and Pro 160S 35mm.

The remaining films in the Pro 160S range are to be re-branded as Pro 160NS, to fall in line with a global name change. The film itself remains unaltered.

Fujifilm's Senior Product Manager for Professional Film, Russ Gunn, explained the move to halt production: "It is never good news to announce product discontinuations but unfortunately we have had to sacrifice some of our slower selling films to enable us to continue to produce and market our more popular formats. We have stocks of each of these films in storage and, depending on demand, there should be sufficient quantities to last for another six to eight months."

Gunn continued: "In the case of Neopan 400 120 our hand has been forced by environmental concerns over one of the raw materials used in its production."

In further product development news, from early Summer 2010 Fujifilm's ranges of 5"x4" and 10"x8" films will be packed as 20 sheet boxes instead of the current 10 sheet packs.

The full range of Fujifilm Professional's film stock was available to buy online via www.fujilab.co.uk (no longer a live link in Nov 2014) - for further details on the range visit, fujifilm.co.uk/professional/professional-photography/film.html

Posted on: Thursday 11 March 2010

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