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I AM HIGH SPEED CREATIVITY - Nikon 1 J5 launched

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Break away from the ordinary with the new Nikon 1 J5 camera with interchangeable lenses


Nikon 1 J5 body only: £349.00
Nikon 1 J5 body and 10-30mm PD Zoom lens: £429.00
Nikon 1 J5 body and 10-30mm PD Zoom lens and 30-110mm lens: £559.00
Sales Start Date: 30th April 2015

London, UK, 2nd April 2015: Nikon today adds the Nikon 1 J5 to its range of Nikon 1 compact interchangeable lens cameras. Boasting world-beating shooting speeds, next-level image quality and 4K movie shooting, this new Nikon 1 will propel your photography forward, fast.

With a new design that allows more creative control, the Nikon 1 J5 is a great chance to step into the world of real photography.

Offering the perfect balance of speed, portability and image quality, the Nikon 1 J5 excels in any situation. Thanks to a new back-illuminated CX-format sensor that's four times larger than the sensor found in most compact cameras, it leaves compacts and smartphones far behind.1 In a first for any Nikon camera, the Nikon 1 J5 records video footage in ultra-sharp 4K,2 plus it captures stunning 20.8-megapixel stills and smooth time-lapse movies as well. Thanks to the camera's phenomenally quick autofocus system, users have the freedom to shoot with confidence in low light, or easily freeze the action at 20 fps with Continuous AF in the new Sports mode.2 The tilting touchscreen and manual controls offer every chance to make the most of creative ideas, while 1 NIKKOR lenses ensure any kind of scene can be captured in vivid detail. When it comes to sharing, the Wi-Fi- and NFC-enabled Nikon 1 J5 makes it quicker than ever to upload high-quality photos via a smart device.

Coralie Smith, Senior Product Manager for COOLPIX and Nikon 1, Nikon UK, says:

"The Nikon 1 J5 is an exciting new addition to the Nikon 1 range, combining superior ergonomics with a stylish new design. For people that want to explore their creativity and take the next step with their photography, but still keep the portability, exceptional speed and touchscreen function, the Nikon 1 J5 is the ideal choice. The easily accessible manual controls and smart new look of the camera give it a real edge, and the retro look of the body offers a classic photographic feel. Nikon have always been leaders when it comes to speed and functionality, and the Nikon 1 J5 is now the first camera to feature 4K, allowing video shooters to discover even more possibilities when making movies. The Wi-Fi function and NFC technology also make sharing via a smart device easier than ever, for easy connectivity when on the go."

Next-level image quality

With the Nikon 1 J5 in your hand, you can leave the limitations of shooting with a smartphone or compact camera behind you. This is the first Nikon 1 camera to feature a large, back-illuminated CX-format sensor, specifically designed to capture the greatest possible amount of light. Every pixel is perfectly reproduced to deliver 20.8-megapixel images bursting with colour and fine detail. Together with the camera's wide ISO range of 160-12800 and the advanced noise-reduction capabilities of its next-generation EXPEED 5A image processor, you get crystal-clear images no matter what kind of scene you're shooting. Nikon's EXPEED 5A processor is at the heart of the camera's lightning-fast autofocus, intelligent noise reduction and crystal-clear imaging. Its accelerated processing speeds comfortably handle the camera's wealth of creative modes and blazingly fast burst rates, easily transforming the huge amount of data from the 20.8-megapixel sensor into exquisite photos and 4K movies.2

Miss nothing

Thanks to continuous shooting speeds and the phenomenal Nikon 1 hybrid autofocus system, nothing moves too quickly for the Nikon 1 J5. This is a camera that can bring home action shots that even a D-SLR might miss. Shoot at a world-beating 20 fps with Continuous AF or enjoy up to 60 fps with focus fixed at the first frame. For easy access to the camera's burst modes, simply turn the Mode Dial to Sports.3 You can select the speed you want to shoot at, and instantly view fast-action sequences as one group of shots. No matter what you shoot, Nikon's trailblazing hybrid AF system ensures every shot is spot-on. The system uses 171 autofocus points to rapidly lock onto your subject, instantly switching between 105 phase-detection AF points and fast contrast-detect AF. Phase-detection AF spots movement at breakneck speed. Contrast-detect AF extends to the edge of the frame so you can focus sharply on peripheral subjects, even in low light.

Thrilling Nikon 1 movies

From action-packed Full HD footage to colourful 4K travelogues and smooth time-lapse movies, the Nikon 1 J5 is your perfect movie partner. Aside from 4K movies2, you can shoot Full HD video at 1080/60p and harness the camera's speed to record exquisite slow-motion (120-fps) HD movie clips. The phenomenally fast Nikon 1 hybrid autofocus system with quick and accurate phase-detection AF ensures smooth video action with precision subject tracking. E-VR (electronic Vibration Reduction) keeps your footage sharp, even when filming at full zoom.3 And thanks to the speed of the camera's image processor, you can use Auto image capture or manual shooting to capture high-resolution stills whilst filming. The Nikon 1 J5 is also the first camera in the Nikon 1 range to feature time-lapse movie shooting. Set the camera to take shots every five, 10 or 30 seconds and you can showcase the passage of time with stunning Full HD time-lapse clips composed of up to 300 photos. Combine all of these advantages with the depth-of-field that you can achieve when shooting with a fast 1 NIKKOR lens, and the Nikon 1 J5 will help you sweep an audience off their feet.

Create and share

The Nikon 1 J5 is a camera where compact doesn't mean cramped, and sharing every brilliant shot just got easier than ever. Ample spacing between dials lets you adjust camera controls without taking your eye off your subject. Easily switch between PSAM and Sports modes via the Mode Dial. Change settings with the command dial, and assign frequently used settings to the Fn (Function) button. Front and rear grips ensure you can keep a firm hold on the camera, and the tiltable 7.5-cm (3.0-in.), 1037k-dot LCD monitor offers super-responsive touch control. Go low for extreme action shots, or easily shoot from a high vantage point thanks to the 86-degree reverse angle. Capture stunning self-portraits simply by tilting the monitor up 180 degrees and use the new Self-portrait mode to soften skin or set the Self-timer. To share every brilliant shot, simply touch the Nikon 1 J5 with an NFC (Near Field Communication)-compatible smart device and you can transfer the image that's showing on the camera's LCD screen. To transfer photos to your smart device via Wi-Fi, simply press the camera's dedicated Wi-Fi button5. You can also use the Wi-Fi function to trigger the camera shutter remotely or create perfect compositions by previewing shots on your tablet or smartphone screen.

Nikon 1 innovations

Nikon 1 innovations offer quick and easy ways to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. For impressive in-camera artistry, Live Image Control now features Nikon's Creative Palette and is accessible in more modes than before. The combination of these two great features gives you numerous ways to adjust the look of a photo before you shoot. Live Image Control lets you fine-tune shutter speed, aperture, brightness and contrast. Creative Palette lets you apply artistic, studio-quality filters simply by sliding the touchscreen wheel to achieve the look you want. In either mode, you can watch changes take effect on the LCD monitor, and what you see is exactly what you'll get the moment you press the shutter. As with all Nikon 1 cameras, Motion Snapshot creates photos that move in just one click, and Nikon's acclaimed Best Moment Capture lets you capture the split-second magic with Smart Photo Selector, Active Selection and Slow View.

1 NIKKOR lenses

The best lenses lead to the best images and 1 NIKKOR lenses are nothing short of exceptional. With a fine selection of fast primes, super-telephoto, and extra-wide lenses at your disposal, you can capture any kind of scene with crisp precision. Each 1 NIKKOR lens is optimised for movie recording, and every lens boasts a portable build that really sets the Nikon 1 system apart. To explore even more possibilities, Nikon's FT-1 Mount Adapter is an optional accessory that lets you use NIKKOR DX- and FX-format F-mount lenses in combination with your Nikon 1 camera.5

Summary of key features:

Large and fast back-illuminated, 20.8-megapixel CMOS sensor: from exceptional low-light images to artistically blurred backgrounds, enjoy a new level of image quality.

Low-light brilliance: ISO 160-12800 with manual and Auto ISO control. Advanced noise reduction ensures cleaner, better-defined images at high sensitivities.

EXPEED 5A: Nikon's next-generation image processor keeps you shooting spectacular images and movies at high speed.

Blazing-fast fps: shoot at a world-beating 20 fps with continuous AF or enjoy up to 60 fps with focus fixed at the first frame.

Sports mode: offers instant access to the camera's burst modes and lets you view fast-action sequences as one group of shots.3

Advanced hybrid AF: 171-point AF system. Boasts 105 phase action points that lock onto action with incredible speed and precision.

Thrilling movies: record in ultra-sharp 4K/15p or film Full HD movies at 1080/60p. Capture high-resolution stills while filming, and view HD movies recorded at 120 fps in extreme slow motion.

Time-lapse: create stunning Full HD time-lapse clips composed of up to 300 photos.

Manual controls: camera boasts easily accessible PSAM controls, command dial and Fn button.

Tiltable touchscreen monitor: responsive 7.5-cm (3.0-in.), 1037k-dot LCD monitor enables clear operation even when the monitor is tilted.

Wi-Fi- and NFC-enabled: easily share every brilliant shot via a smart device. A dedicated button offers on-touch access to the camera's Wi-Fi functions.4

Live Image Control with Creative Palette: quickly and intuitively enhance photos or movies in a range of modes before you shoot via the camera's touchscreen.

Creative mode: easily access 14 effects for stills and movies and five different scene modes. Boasts seven new effects including Pop, Skin softening and Retro.

Best Moment Capture: capture the split-second magic with Smart Photo Selector, Active Selection and Slow View.

Genuine style: the Nikon 1 J5 is available in three colour combinations. Go for the black body and black lens, the silver/white body with a silver lens, or the silver/black body with a silver lens.

1 NIKKOR kit lens: keep the action in focus with the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM lens.

Free software and storage: easily import, organise, edit and share photos, movie clips and Motion Snapshots with Nikon's free ViewNX-i image hub and ViewNX-Movie Editor. Take advantage of 20 GB of free storage on NIKON IMAGE SPACE.

Optional accessories:

CB-N2220SA Body Case Set
N-MP001 Selfie Stick

Included accessories:

EN-EL24 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
MH-31 Battery Charger
UC-E20 USB Cable
Neck strap
BF-N1000 Body Cap


1 The 1-inch CX-format sensor used in the Nikon 1 J5 is approx. four times larger than the 1/2.3-in. type sensors found in most compact cameras.

2 Sports mode/high speed continuous shooting: depending on shooting conditions and memory card write speed, buffering may continue for a few moments after you've fully released the shutter and it might take a moment before you can shoot again.

3 E-VR (electronic Vibration Reduction) enables blur-free footage for HD movies and Motion Snapshots.

4 To use the Wi-Fi function, simply download the latest Wireless Mobile Utility to your smart device. Compatible with iOS™ and Android™ smart devices, this utility can be downloaded for free from Google Play™ and the Apple App Store™. Android, Google, Google Play, YouTube, and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

5 The FT-1 Mount Adapter supports a wide range of F-mount NIKKOR lenses. For a list of compatible lenses, please check the NIKON FT-1 Mount Adapter product page, or contact NIKON's service support.

Posted on: Tuesday 7 April 2015

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