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-Second-hand Equipment Grading Description

  • MINT  100% as new
  • MINT-  98%-99% as new
  • EXC++  95%-97% as new
  • EXC+  90%-94% as new
  • EXC  Original finish may have slight scratches or rubbed. No dents or deep scratches.
  • VG  May be slightly scratched, scuffed or worn, but in good mechanical order with clean optics

Please note that the following important points when you see our grading description. When applied to lenses it means that the optics are in perfect condition. What we are describing is the cosmetic condition of the lens barrel. When it applies to cameras, motor drives, speedlights etc. the understanding is that the item is in perfect working order and the description would mean the exterior appearance. In other words we are judging cosmetic appearance.

"Grays of Westminster where mint is also a highly prized English adjective."
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